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It’s been a while since we saw so much excitement and curiosity in the faces of children. Class three of Tambotora primary school gave us that memorable experience. About two weeks ago we visited Tambotora primary school to do our pilot for the community library. We chose class three since our target group for the library will be children between the ages of 9 to 15 years of age.

We arrived at the primary school at about 12 pm just in time for lunch. During our previous visits to the school we realized that children barely eat anything throughout the day so stay in school while hungry due to them coming from underprivileged families and their homes being very from school. The school has a total of 200 children from pre-school up to class five. Through the support of our partners were able to buy 5 sacks of maize and beans respectively for the children to have porridge and lunch while in school.

Bare dusty floors, massively worn out walls and roofs are what the children call classes every day- classes are discontinued each time it rains due to the heavy leakages in the classroom. The younger children in pre-school have no classes so they study under the shade of a few trees in the school compound the whole day.

Having communicated earlier with the head teacher Mr. Chacha we were able have a study session with the class three children who had never been in contact with a book other than their exercise books. After an intense two hours we gave the children an opportunity to each tell us a story from the books they had each read; from Joy’s Best Friend, Masai and the Hare, Usinitese to the Miracle Twins we had an amazing story telling session. The pre-school children will now have a reading chart to refer to as opposed to their small old piece of wood blackboard. Unfortunately our three hours ran out and had to pack up and leave with a promise to visit them every fortnight for more reading sessions.


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