CUT THE CUT: End FGM Community Champions Celebration

Today marks the countdown of 40 days until the End FGM Community Champions Celebration!

This celebration exists to recognize and award extraordinary community members: girls, fathers, mothers and brothers who have courageously stood up against female genital mutilation in Kuria.

It is our hope that through this public recognition of End FGM champions, others in the community will be encouraged to challenge and assess their own behaviors and beliefs toward the practice of FGM. In the ongoing effort to End FGM, inclusiveness and meaningful community participation are our greatest strengths. Thus, our champions have been selected in collaboration with community members and represent a diverse range of people in Kuria.

The celebration will be hosted as a public event, broadcasted strictly as a recognition ceremony where people can come to learn more about the End FGM movement. Up until the celebration, we will be profiling one End FGM Community Champion each day.

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